Once you have been admitted into the Department of Strategic Communication, you will be assigned a faculty advisor. Faculty advisors meet with students once a semester during the TCU-wide advising period to review their degree plans and course schedules for the coming semester. Students must be advised in order to register for the upcoming semester.

Here are two forms that will be helpful to you during the advising process:

Department of Strategic Communication Curriculum Guide

Course Numbers and Titles for Department of Strategic Communication Majors

Below are a few frequently asked questions about the advising process.

How do I register/use a permission number/file for my official degree plan/file my intent-to-graduate?

Go to Frequently Asked Question on TCU registrar’s page.

How many upper division hours do I need and why do I need them?

All TCU students who wish to earn a bachelor’s degree must earn 42 hours upper division hours.

What counts as upper division hours?

Junior/Senior-level courses – 30000 and 40000 level.  But you can only count 3000- and 4000-level courses you took at TCU.  If you’re a transfer from UT, for instance, and you took a 30000-level course at that university, the course will probably transfer into TCU, but it will not count as one of the 3000- 40000- level courses you need.

How do I get into a closed class?

All requests go through the Department of Strategic Communication office.  Strategic communication faculty do not let students in classes.  Contact Nancy Davis in the Strategic Communication office.  The Department of Strategic Communication policy does not allow extra students in classes except in extremely extenuating circumstances.  Example:  last class needed to graduate.

How can I change my adviser?

Email the Department of Strategic Communication office. Include who your current adviser is and the adviser you would like to have.  Also include a very brief statement about why you want to change advisers.

How do I sign up for advising?

Advising signup sheets are posted on faculty doors or will be sent to you via email with a link to schedule online, typically one to two weeks before advising starts. Please see this list as soon as possible during advising week (advisers will usually send out an email) and sign up. You CANNOT schedule classes without first being advised. You need to take care of this during the two-week advising period – not after.

Can I just call my adviser and schedule an appointment, as opposed to signing up on a door?

No. Faculty post the schedules on doors or use online scheduling systems so that students can see the whole range of times that are open and choose what is convenient for them.  

What do I need to bring to advising?

You need to bring a printout of your transcript as well as completed versions of the advising forms available in the Strategic Communication office.  When completed, these forms should include a list of possible classes for you to take the following semester as well as some alternate choices. 

My friend does not have to be advised. Why do I?

It is in your best interest.  Your degree plan can be confusing and the Department of  Strategic Communication wants you to stay on track for graduation.

Where can I get a class description?

Click on the catalog number on class search.

Will I be able to graduate on time/in eight semesters, etc?

We cannot guarantee that you will graduate on time or in eight semesters.  However, if you are successful in all your classes and take full loads each semester you should be able to graduate on time. All TCU students need 124 hours to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree.  Divide 8 into 124.  It is more than 15 hours per semester.

What is a minor? Do I need a minor? Are there suggested minors? How do I go about declaring a minor?

A minor is 18 hours designated by the department where you get your minor.  Any minor is OK.  However, depending on your interests and major, one may be more appropriate than others for you.  This is something you should discuss with your adviser in person.

What is a portfolio? Do I need one? How can I go about putting one together?

A portfolio is a collection of work you have done.  It can include class work and internship work.  If your degree plan requires Senior Seminar you must have a portfolio for that class. You will receive instructions on how to put it together in that class.

Can I double major? Can I double major in two areas within the Department of Strategic Communication? Can I double major in two areas within the College of Communication? Can I minor in an area in the College of Communication (e.g. FTDM or Comm Studies)?

Yes to all the above.  However, you must have 80 hours outside strategic communication.  Many FTDM classes count as skills classes.  Therefore, you would have to stay at TCU a minimum of an extra semester (probably more) to major or minor in these. A double major within the Department of Strategic Communication, for instance would probably mean you would take at least one extra year to graduate. You would graduate with well over the 124-hour minimum.